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Why Lightroom Preset?

What is Lightroom Preset? 

Lightroom is a professional and easy-to-use photo editing app/software developed by Adobe. It allows powerful photo refinements to finesse the details with selective adjustment options. “Preset” is a function that enables users to save their photo editing adjustments as pre-defined effects and apply to other photos. Using presets simplifies your photo editing process and is a great convenience in keeping your social media feed consistent.

Lightroom Presets vs. Photo Filters

It is true that Lightroom presets are like a “pro” version of filters you can easily find in any photo editing mobile apps. So why do we still need LR presets? 

  • High resolution : Lightroom is a renowned photo-editing app used by professional photographers around the world. It allows you to export JPEC with its original (100%) quality. Filter from photo editing app usually compress the quality of JPEC file. As LR presets are pre-defined adjustments rather than placing an additional “layer” on your picture, they do not compromise your photo resolution.

  • Unique : Each photographer or designer has their own style and preference in photo editing. Therefore, presets created by different photographers/designers/studios can hardly be identical. It means using LR presets can enhance the uniqueness of your photos and make your feed stand out from others’. 

  • Life-long ownership : As you download the DNG file containing a preset, you can export it to your Lightroom app/software of your phone, tablet or laptop. Or you can also link your Lightroom app/software to your Adobe account so you can access the preset once you log in your Adobe account. 

What if I am a phonetographer? 

No worries at all! LR presets are not a privilege for camera users. Indeed, many great pictures are taken by mobile devices. It is entirely FREE to install Lightroom on mobile phone and ipad. Our presets are compatible with Apple/Android mobile phone, iPad and laptop. One-off purchase, life-time usage on any compatible device.

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